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Carol's Flower Gardens

New York State (6)
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I've been an organic gardener my whole life - my father (95 years young now) taught me everything I needed to know. Now I mostly have flower gardens and a garden pond. I use only organic fertilizer - find my favorite at the website below.

Yard Categories: Back Yard Garden Organic Garden
Location: New York State
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Comments / Q&A

On February 23,2011 Carol said:

"Hi Lark, thanks for all the compliments! Most of my planters and garden "things" come from garage sales, so I have a lot of stuff purchased very inexpensively. My father is 96 now and just starting to slow down. He loves making those birdbaths. He has several at his house too. I don't do worm farming, but have been thinking about it. I do have a big compost pile which is home to thousands of worms. I use only my compost and that organic fertilizer in my gardens."

On February 23,2011 Lark said:

"I enjoyed the tour through your gardens. Your style of gardening is super. I like your use of recycled objects as containers for planting, very creative. The birdbath your Dad made is absolutely a TRESURE. Do you do worm farming? Or do you just buy that fertilizer that you have on your website? Job well done! Smiles, Lark"

On August 29,2010 Carol said:

"That tall white-plumed plant is cimicifuga racemosa. You're right - the deer hate it - it stinks! I think it's a beautiful plant, but we can't have our windows open on that side of the house when it's in bloom because of the smell. It's really terrible. Deer stay away, but bees love it."

On August 29,2010 EarthCare Gardening said:

"Carol, what is the plant in photo #12 that is against the house and sends up those white plume flowers? A friend gave me some and I just love it!! Plus, the deer don't!!!"

On June 2,2010 Fastforward said:

"I'll post a pic in my "Jamma's Fairy Garden" YARD as soon as I get a chance to to build and setup one of those cute little fences. Thanks, Carol, for the additional design details."

On June 2,2010 Carol said:

"Hi Fastforward. I'm happy to have inspired you! I bought that little plant support, but it looks like it would be very easy to make, and you can make it as tall as you need. On the back side it's held together with wire stapled on to the slats. "

On June 2,2010 Fastforward said:

"YOU'VE INSPIRED ME...... in the photo of your brick walkway there's a rustic little fence around some tall flowers. I'm going to try to build taller ones to as permanent support for my young peonies. Thanks :) Fastforward"

On July 6,2009 said:

"Thanks for the nice comment tripler94. I practically live in my garden - I love being out there!"

OnJuly 5,2009 said:

"I love your gardens! They just look like nature just happened and I love that look!"

On March 11,2009 Deronda said:

"Love your gardens! I am a organic gardner also. I have a compost pile made of pallets.I have a compost dump pile I call it,but cant turn it. I put large cuttings their. Thank you for sharing."

OnMarch 11,2009 said:

"Thanks Deronda! Glad to hear you are organic too. I wish more people would realize how bad all those chemicals are for the microbes in the soil and the ground water (like that horrendous blue fertilizer!)"

On January 29,2009 Lark said:

"Carol do you do composting? Worm farm? I like the stone paths through your natural looking gardens. "

OnJanuary 29,2009 said:

"Yes, I compost, but I don't have a worm farm. I'm thinking about that though. My compost pile is very easy - just four pallets screwed together and set up on cement blocks at the corners. Stuff goes in at the top, and I can just shovel it out from the bottom. Thanks for the compliment - it's a work in progress (as it is with most gardens I suppose)."

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