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My Coastal Garden

Plymouth, Massachusetts (6)
12,675 (71)
354 (59)

These are gardens I began from scratch about five years ago. After putting in a perennial garden around our patio, I began tackling the hill behind the house. It's still a work in progress (what garden isn't!) mostly because I'm waiting for many of my favorite plants to get big enough to divide. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Comments / Q&A

On April 29,2012 Christina Wall Bartko said:

"WOW! What a BEAUTIFUL yard you've created! Alot of time & effort has been spent on it for sure! You've done an awesome job! I'm a newbie...thanks for the insporation! :) "

On May 25,2011 Kelly Leath said:

"Your gardens are my inspiration!! Just beautiful!"

On November 5,2009 Patty Roberts said:

"Oh, to be able to have the wonderful selection of flowers you have!! We can't grow them here in the high desert. I have enjoyed looking at them. Thanks so much for sharing. Patty"

On April 6,2009 said:

"Beautiful flowers!"

On February 9,2009 Coastal Gardener said:

"Elsabeth, the blue flower in picture 3 is "Blue Hill" salvia, and the one in picture 12 is a campanula. Both of the flowers in pictures 15 and 26 are coreopsis. The one in 15 is called "Zagreb" and the paler yellow one in 26 is "Moonbeam." "

On February 4,2009 said:

"Hallo, you have a nice garden.nCan you please tell me the name ofnblue flower in picture 3 and 12nYellow flower in picture 15nyellow flower in picture 26 right and left of the tall grassnThank youn"

OnJanuary 31,2009 said:

"Hi Ellie, Thank you for walking through my gardens. It is so nice to have people that are interested in the same things you are. The dark daylilly is American Revolution, it is a favorite of mine. I never was interested in daylillies, but my Mom got me hooked. I don't like collecting any one plant, that can get you to going crazy and not having something blooming ALL THE TIME. My main objective was to have constant bloom in EVERY garden from April to October. Thank you for putting the names by a"

On January 31,2009 Lark said:

"Ellie, did you know that you can cut Ladies Mantle down to a couple of inches and that it will come back quickly and form a nice new clump. I heard this on one of the gardening shows. Sometimes the clumps start looking ratty and dry, so I tried it and in about 10 days it was forming nice new foliage."

On January 31,2009 Karen W said:

"Thank You Ellie for the nice comments on my yard. I have a lot of work to do on my gardens. I can't wait till spring so I can get started. Besides that I've had it with winter. LOL I love the way your beds are coming along."

On January 26,2009 Karen W said:

"Your work in progress looks beautiful. I love what your doing with the hill. thanks for sharing"

OnJanuary 26,2009 said:

"Ellie, I found your site. Thanks for the tips. I like the peony. I had them in a yard when I was a kid. I did start a little curve away from patio, but as I see your photos I understand what you mean. I can't wait for this cold weather to leave Myrtle Beach, so I can start work on the garden."

On January 26,2009 Lark said:

"Hi Ellie, I would probably terrace the hill with some natural looking stone. Your other gardens look very mature so this Spring I would do some major dividing. Maybe go on Craigs List in your area and see if there are some people that would swap plants with you. Your gardens are beautiful! Lucky you being in zone 6. Keep in touch and good luck with keeping that mulch in place. LOL"

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