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My new Garden

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We've been working on this for 2 years.It was a area filled with weeds.I have raspberries and blueberries also boysenberries along with several fruit trees.My husband built the raised beds for me.Its the easiest way to garden.This is in zone 6 in Idaho

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Comments / Q&A

On September 5,2012 rugznjones said:

"Sue, when you laid your bark down, did you put down a weed barrier? I have a huge problem with crab grass and I've laid down weed barriers then added bark but it doesn't seem to help. It looks great!! BTW"

On January 2,2009 Lark said:

"Hi Sue, Did you move to the city? The other picutures you had goats and chickens. In these pictures I like what you have done on a small lot. The stones add alot of character and the raised beds make it look orderly and tidy. I do like your gardening style. Are you going to make a hoop house here or you don't need it since you are now in what I think is the perfect zone...6. Great job!"

On January 2,2009 sue said:

"Hi Lark! Yes we moved out of the mountains a couple years ago.We went from over 3 acres down to a half.I still have much to do here.Im going to add more pictures as the flowers grow up and maybe put in a 8 foot hoop house to try and grow more from seed.I added some more info and pictures for you on the other garden to.Thanks for the nice comments."

On January 1,2009 Karen W said:

"Yur doing a wonderful job. It's looking great."

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