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Early Winter Snow on Murphy Lake

Karen W
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Our second snowfall. The lake is now frozen. The deck and the trees are covered with snow. Even if you're not a winter person, it's so pretty to look at. (1-16-09 more winter pictures added)

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Comments / Q&A

On December 31,2008 Lark said:

"Thank you Karen for the suggestion...I am checking it out. Keep in touch. We are having our New Years at home...SAFE, HAPPY AND ROMANTIC. Smiles, Lark"

On December 30,2008 Lark said:

"Hi Karen and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Sure send me an invite and I will check it out. It will make the Winter pass faster. Bryan said he has changes instore for YardShare so we will see whats up."

On December 23,2008 Lark said:

"Hi Karen, How much more snow have you gotten? At least we will have a VERY white Christmas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

On December 23,2008 Karen W said:

"Merry Christmas Lark, We just keep getting snow and more snow. They are saying we will most likely break a record this year. I'm so tired of it already and we have a long ways to go yet. I'm not sure how much we have had but it seems their is no end, They say we may get up to 10 inches again by Christmas. I'm not a winter person, so Spring will certainly be a welcome season this year. I've been watching the news and it looks like you are getting hit very hard with the white stuff. I think cabin "

On December 1,2008 Lark said:

"Beautiful view Karen! Aren't we LUCKY? We got about 10" last night and more on the way. The lake looks sooooooooo peaceful."

On December 1,2008 Karen W said:

"thank you Lark,It is very peacefull hear, and there is only about 100 homes on this lake and only about half live here year round,and yes we are lucky to have such nice views. "

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