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Steve & Penni's Patio

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This patio was a grassy area in the back yard. We dug out the grass and 6" of soil. We layed in 4" of DG (decomposed granite) and then 2" of sand. We then circled the 4 trees with slump stone and filled them in with top soil. The area was covered by 3 sprinklers, One of which was capped and the other two were connected to drip irrigation hose (buried in the sand) to feed the tree wells. We laid conduit & sweeps for power to the BBQ & Patio area. On top of the sand we layed 12" stepping stones that appear to be old brick. We then built forms, mixed and poured concrete for walkways, borders & a base for the BBQ. We then built the BBQ. Next we built the awning over the BBQ so we could still BBQ in bad weather.

Comments / Q&A

On September 25,2008 Steve said:

"Thanks Jin, Ashmi & Tyimin. Made my day."

On September 24,2008 said:

"i like your yard"

OnAugust 5,2008 said:

"Dear Steve and Penni~nYour yard is lovely! It's apcious and seemingly extending into a continuous rural setting! Where are you lovcated?nWhen you finish your barbecue please post the pictures! nI totally understand why you covered the tree roots. Just make certain you water the trees as the roots typically will surface looking for water."

On August 5,2008 said:

"Thanks Nancy. We're located in the country outside of the little town Exeter in Central California. Pictures of the finished BBQ should be posted already. The tree wells are equipped with drip lines that are on automatic timers, so get plenty of water."

On August 4,2008 Steve said:

"Thanks Kathy. Two of the trees are olive trees. I must confess that I don't know what the other two are. All the trees were there when I moved in. They are at least 20 years old. The planters have been in for almost 2 years and don't seem to have adversly affected the growth of the trees. The roots were growing at or above ground level when we put in the patio. Our choices seemed to be limited to putting in the planters or pulling the trees. n Steve"

On August 3,2008 said:

"Nice yard. Looks like a lot of thought and work went into it. What kind of trees? The irragation is a good idea but certain types of trees would not like to haveg top soil to cover the tree roots."

OnAugust 2,2008 said:

"Great ideas here. . . thanks for sharing!!!"

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