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Studebaker Waterfall

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This was our summer project. We already had a large pond with an island, so we sank a 1949 Studebaker truck into the side of the island facing our house. Then came the waterfall, the beach and all the landscaping. We won't talk about all the work to get ready for the Garden tour when a tornado ripped through our property uprooting the willow tree into the pond and smashing every pot of flowers, every piece of outdoor furniture and taking part of our house roof...but we rose to the occasion and had the tree righted to it's original position, pots from friends borrowed and lawn furniture glued together in 6 days for the Garden Tour. And now..we just relax and enjoy!

Yard Categories: Water Feature

Comments / Q&A

On July 31,2012 finkartstudio said:


On July 23,2012 YardShare said:

"Hi Diane. This is one of the most unique water features we've ever seen. You should submit this in the Lawn Wars TV Show contest. Go to the Yard Contests tab to get started."

On June 2,2010 Fastforward said:

"Wish I has a Studebaker!"

On March 14,2010 Lynn said:

"LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. I'm feeling inspired."

On December 1,2008 Karen W said:

"A very neat yard. How creative. I'm sure you have a one of a kind. "

On November 23,2008 said:

"What a beautiful yard, we can't wait to visit.nLove the dog also !n"

On November 21,2008 Lark said:

"Hi Diane, Yes those are bowling balls. My Grandkids can't wreck them. LOL"

On November 21,2008 Lark said:

"We are located in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin zone 4-5. Are Winters are LONG and I am ready for Spring in February. The plants that are zone 5 I cover with leaves the first Winter until they get established. Thank you for strolling my gardens with me."

On November 20,2008 Lark said:

"Huge smiles!!! This was very creative and clever. What is the name of the burgundy plant in picture 3?"

On November 20,2008 said:

"the burgundy plant is basil...Thanks for the kind comments!"

On October 6,2008 MCR500 said:

"Simply awesome. As a car nut, I love the Studebaker detail!!"

On September 29,2008 said:

"Love the studie waterfall !! Huge yard a must for that project."

OnSeptember 29,2008 said:

"This yard is just to cool keep up the great ideas."

On September 23,2008 YardShareBryan said:

"This is one of the coolest yards I've seen. Very creative."

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