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Mill Valley Cottage Garden

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I have developed this garden as a place to read, entertain clients and friends. The garden features over 100 rose bushes and climbers and plants of the heirloom types that would have been found in "grandmas gardens". There are over 1000 spring bulbs and tubers which provide year round blooms and fragrances. I give away plants and seeds to garden friends.

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Comments / Q&A

On September 3,2011 VJPS said:

"Thank you Randi. Your garden is an inspiration. (I'll try not to leave this post twice). "

On September 3,2011 Randi Deutsch said:

"That rose on my front gate and fence is "Climbing Sally Holmes" which climb the arbor but the rest are pruned to fence height along the 4' fence ...the deer eat the parts that grow through the fence out over the sidewalk but they leave the rest the corner of Elm & Sidney in Mill Valley. I also have a wine-colored Clematis that is woven in and blooms late spring..."

On September 2,2011 VJPS said:

"Very beautiful. What is the name of that gorgeous white climbing rose in picture 5?"

On December 11,2008 Deronda said:

"Your roses are beautiful. Are the heirloom easier to take care of? I am trying to find care free roses for my chain link fence for a cover. Planted a few lady banks this past spring. I think one might be in to much shade. I love roses, that's what my mom grew. Never got the names before her death. I am growing knock-out roses as a fence line for my front yard, easy care and bloom all season. Your gardens are beautiful."

OnNovember 4,2008 said:

"Very similar to my gardening style! I love it. Roses rule!"

On October 30,2008 said:

"I think I just found my arbor! What a beautiful place!! Just gorgeous!!!"

On October 20,2008 Lark said:

"Randi you have beautiful gardens. I love the monocromatic look to you front white pickett fence and white roses!!"

On September 21,2008 said:

"Looks like an outdoor haven...a piece of nature's art (with a little help from human hands)"

OnSeptember 20,2008 said:

"what a view from the"

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