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Front Yard

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It is a small yard that needs some curb appeal. I am a beginer that needs some help. I want to have spring, summer, and fall plants represented in my front yard.

Comments / Q&A

On May 6,2012 dianne0712 said:

"I would put a curved bed that encompassed the tree. Under the tree plant lamium as ground cover, the put some hydrangeas in the shady areas close to the house. If you have acid soil you could get Endless Summer hydrangeas that bloom blue all summer because they bloom on new wood. Otherwise get white ones. A birdbath is a great idea. Place it half way between the tree and the front step.If you want to make it extra special, surround the birdbath with a circle of one type of plant like boxwood or lady's mantle."

On April 8,2012 s.palisoc said:

"The little dirt area on the right side (as you're facing the front door) you can put some pansies or other short flowers, or you can also see if you can get hardy plants that can handle the colds. You have a pretty home. Enjoy."

On April 8,2012 s.palisoc said:

"The snow bushes would look nice, one on each side of the windows and one in between the windows, you can put a bird bath between the windows and a large potted plant next two the snowbush the would be on the end (the window closest the the door)right up against the walkway, with lots of colorful flowers. Another snowbush on each side of the front of the garage. The area by the curb is cute, try a couple of rocks, one or two large and one small one in front of the large ones, against eachother. Maybe some rustic pieces here and there around the rocks. This will hide the boxes a little. A miniature bence under the tree and some other pieces, like a potted plant or two - different sizes. They are so many things you can put there, keep it simple so that it looks neat. Color will do it all. You can also add a burberry bush here and there for visual interest and color. All these will compliment the brick. Please send pictures."

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