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Backyard 14x14x14 triangle garden help

Oshawa (5)
5,320 (431)
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I want beautiful flowers tall to short in the sunny garden and shade plants in this wet ground on the right side ( gets shade most of the time but some sun in the summer). Full beautiful flowers from late spring to winter for the left garden and some flowering if possible for the right side along the fence. I live in zone 5B in Ontario Canada . This corner garden on the left, gets sun most of the day from sun up to sun down. Is there anyone here who can show me how to make this an outstanding garden with little maintenance but outstanding colour? I need names of plants and pics and how to place them.I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada. Hot summers and cold winters.

Comments / Q&A

On March 17,2012 s.palisoc said:

"Just picked up some snowbushes, and they will look great against the back wall where you have the tall bushes. They will also add color."

On March 6,2012 s.palisoc said:

"Another thought is snowbush several next to, behind the wood planter against that beautiful red wood wall."

On March 6,2012 s.palisoc said:

"Don't forget to add mulch after all is complete, this will protect the roots in the winter and keep them moist in summer. The white plastic border in the back you can replace it with a three boulders/rocks on each corner (three different sizes)"

On March 6,2012 s.palisoc said:

"For the planters keep it simple, put in one pot of plant in each so that you can take them out whenever you want to just change it up. And they can go next to the other larger pots, right in front and one next to it. In the middle of that half moon by the left side, that is where you should put the japanese maple tree - I think its the dogwood or something like that, not the one with the drapy leaves. You can then put in the lights you have there straight across the back, in front of shrubs as if they were always there. Stick the owl next to the tree or in the shrubs somewhere."

On March 6,2012 s.palisoc said:

"On the left side I would try a small japanese maple tree (the one that has the normal leaves look) let it grow to 7-8feet. Easy to maintain. A rose bush (red) and burberry shrubs straight along the back. On the right side another rose bush and another burberry shrub except the ones on the right should be potted. All of these will add beautiful colors, tree handles heat always comes back in the spring and burberry same, same with roses - these are all hardy plants. Every year they will all get more beautiful. Try rustic colored pots, add a bird bath in the summer time, somewhere of centered in the back by the shurbs. Be patient. Good luck. "

On December 11,2011 Emily Sullivan said:

"Having some herbs in the planters could be nice. Or, get some other specimen scented annual to try out each spring. have you ever smelled Chocolate Flower??!?! (Berlandiera lyrata) mmmmm. "

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