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City Serenity

Grand Rapids (5)
8,944 (164)
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This backyard is our private little park in the middle of the city. When you step onto our deck you forget you are anywhere near an urban environment. A stream meanders down the slope, through the yard, cascading over seven waterfalls, under a stone bridge, finally flowing gently into a sparkling pond. Ferns, flowers and ornamental trees grace every corner. A bright Japanese Wakin goldfish cavorts in the pond and Northern Green frogs sit on the large stones surrounding the pond. Four, sometimes five pure white water lilies rest on the surface of the rippling water. The deck is immersed in shade and we swear that the nearly constant breeze keeps this private oasis 10 degrees cooler than the city streets. You can sit on the bridge and cool your feet in the stream or sit on the lower deck and wait for the perfect photo opportunity of sparrows, robins, cardinals, black cap chickadees or big ol' blue jays bathing in the stream or at the pond's edge. Every rock, every board, every plant, every stone, every yard of pea gravel and mulch had to be carried in on our shoulders or in buckets, through the gate, across the deck and down the steps. We started out with a slope, a rotten, broken down fence, a few ferns, a lot of weeds and soil like dust. We think we've done alright for a couple of girls :) This is our YardShare. Hope you enjoy the view :)

Comments / Q&A

On July 29,2011 Lynn said:

"Speechless! What a beautiful yard...oasis. From your photos I see we have many of the same plants. You asked about my birdhouses. My dad made those for me. We've had chickadees and wrens build their nests in them. We have our second family of wrens brooding right now. If you decide to make some, there are good designs on-line. The hole has to be a certain size to keep the sparrows out and the height of the hole is also important. Could you use any Koi? Free if interested. We have too many, a product of the Koi finally spawning a couple years ago. We don't live too far away. Thanks again for sharing your yard. Absolutely gorgeous. Happy gardening, Lynn."

On July 28,2011 Laura Beth Fox said:

"Thank you rinck!!"

On July 28,2011 rinck said:

"Absolutely beautiful! I loved looking at all the pictures! It's amazing what you have done to your yard!"

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