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My neighbors don't like my front garden :(

Carlsbad (9)
6,276 (333)
228 (454)

They told me there's no rhyme or reason to the plantings. They say it's just a mish mosh of stuff. Any suggestions?

Comments / Q&A

On September 7,2012 Colette said:

"I would not listen to the neighbors. Do they even try to make their yards look nice? You are doing a great job!"

On April 1,2012 allthatca said:

"Thank you all so much for your kind comments....I took all of your advice and now I don't care what they think...I like it now and it even looks BETTER THIS year! I'll go take some more pictures. (mind you, I do NOT have a green thumb!)"

On October 18,2011 MDYard said:

"Ignore your neighbors, love it! We are redoing our front yard and hoping it comes out like yours. Glad you posted :)"

On October 9,2011 OkieDi said:

"I hope you listened to the others on this forum. Your yard is charming and keeps the eyes moving around it, waiting to see what is next. There are many places of interest. I love how it is cottage-like and shabby-chic. I wish my yard looked more like yours instead of the little postage stamp that it is."

On August 23,2011 heatherrrr said:

"I agree with the others- BEAUTIFUL!! I love it. Just tell them you "set the trends, you don't follow them" if they don't have it in them to see how lovely it is. "

On August 14,2011 J Herrmann said:

"They are just jealous. Your garden is beautiful and it is clear you have put a lot of love into it."

On August 13,2011 kemmy4 said:

"Tell them to move....Your garden is lovely"

On July 13,2011 Kat said:

"I think it's lovely too!! "

On July 5,2011 Sam(Sandy) said:

"Don't listen to your neighbors.I think it's a lovely old fashioned cottage type garden.A person said my gardens were over grown.Thats how cottage gardens are meant to be.....Keep enjoying your front yard.I love it!"

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