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Hills, Trees and Wildlife

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We have 1.25 acres of hills too steep to have a riding lawnmower, trees and wildlife. I love our location, I just don't like the landscape of the backyard. I'm afraid of falling or my husband falling when he mows the lawn. Some of the photos attached are from 2005 when we purchased the property. (I can't walk the hills right now for more updated photos and these are pretty close to what it looks like.)

Comments / Q&A

On May 17,2011 momdecor said:

"Funny you should say slip-n-slide! Last summer for our daughter's fourth birthday, my entire family drove almost two ours down to our house not only to celebrate her birthday, but also to lay down a huge piece of tarp with the hose. It was a really hot day and it was tons of fun to sit up on my deck and watch a few of my sisters and husbands...along with the kids, take off by our red shed and end up down the hill next to the pine trees. Our parents got such a kick out of it. I got some good vid"

On May 17,2011 YardShare said:

"Wow...beautiful property. When I see those hills and that perfect grass, only one thing comes to mind: Slip-N-Slide!!! That said, those are some tough hills to walk. Have you thought about turning it into a wildflower meadow? That would require minimal upkeep, though I've learned from others on YS that you would still need to mow or weed-whack it once a year in the fall."

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