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Forest Gardening PART I

Randle, Washington
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My husband & I have lived in the forest since 2006 and we are in the process of embellishing our property. My DRAGONFLY FOREST GARDEN will be a playfully lush place for dragonflies, fairies and grandchildren. I will add photos as we make progress on a project that will probably take many, many years to complete. Janet Drake

Comments / Q&A

On March 21,2011 Pocahontas said:

"Love what you have done! We also, albeit on a much smaller scale, are trying to create a woodlands wonderland for our grandkids. Once you cleared the underbrush did a lot of the native plants emerge or did you find you had to plant to fill in the bare spots? "

On March 6,2011 Deb W said:

"This is paradise! You have created a haven for your grandchildren and yourselves, you should be so proud. Stunning!"

On February 18,2011 Fastforward said:

"Hi Mattemma, my husband found the iron kitchen stuff at and it's called.... Guide Gear® Campfire Cook Equipment! I will think positive thoughts regarding your poison ivy eradication. Clearing our forest of overgrown salal is an on-going project on our property. "

On February 18,2011 Mattemma said:

"I love the cowboy cabin! Where did you get the iron stuff for over the fire? Would love that for mine to cook. I only have one little corner of woods,but you have given me ideas once I get rid of the poison ivy."

On January 23,2011 marilyn schell said:

"WOW, Love it all. So many great ideas, I can't wait for spring to try a few of them out. Thanks for sharing !"

On January 16,2011 Fox Gardens ALASKA said:

"Very nice work! Your garden has our vote for #1 out all we've seen this season! Thank you for sharing, please keep us posted with new pics. Most enjoyable walk."

On January 6,2011 Barbara Stanley said:

"Your forest garden is amazing, and I know that all the little sprites (of fantasy and family!) absolutely love to play in this magical place. We also have our home in a clearing in a forest, some 25 acres in the southern Appalachians. I have fairies here in Faeryhollow, but little grandchildren. You're very fortunate and blessed. You've really inspired me to try to do more with my gardens in the forest as well as in the cleared areas. "

On January 5,2011 Kristie Rogers said:

"I so enjoyed these pictures. We just bought 25 acres in the mountains and have our own forest. I have a lot of plans to make park-like trails through out it and was so impressed and inspired by what you have done!"

On June 28,2010 Mark Delepine said:

"I like this a lot and am sure your grandkids and the local wildlife will like it every bit as much. Gardens which work with nature rather than totally subduing it are what I like best. I've been working on my garden for about 17 years and am not at all anxious to be finished. I can tell you enjoy designing each project as much as I do. It will be interesting to see how your plant choices change the site over time. No garden can be wholly natural; with the first pathway it shows the hand "

On June 26,2010 cusoli said:

"You have a vote from me to keep you in the running!"

On June 26,2010 Coastal Gardener said:

"Thanks for your kind words, Janet, but I'm not the person who left the comment about dogs not peeing on my lawn. However, I do share your commitment to gardening in concert with Mother Nature and creating a place that attracts wildlife -- in our case, mostly birds and butterflies. Coastal Gardenere"

On June 18,2010 Larry L Mills said:

"Thanks for sharing. You have takin a wonderful yard and made it even more special by adding your creative touches.I think your granchildren will be telling there childern and grandchildern about your paradise you have created."

On March 27,2010 Lark said:

"WONDERFUL pictures! I enjoyed my walk through your did a great job at naturalizing. Your husband did fantastic at building the little shed and the stonework. Your Grandkids will ALWAYS remember the special areas you created for the garden faries, critters and THEM. Are there any wildflowers? Two thumbs up from me!"

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