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Oasis in the Desert

Palm Springs (9)
13,329 (61)
287 (190)

We changed a "builder provided" front yard into an oasis in the desert. Drought tolerant plants, gravel, rock and a bit of artificial turf makes it eco-friendly with a low water requirement.

Yard Categories: Front Yard Garden

Comments / Q&A

On May 7,2013 Bill & Jeri Barry said:

"We used a company called "Easy Turf," which may (or may not) be available where you live. Our suggestion is to buy the VERY BEST quality (which will probably also be the most extensive) in your local area. That's what we did. We bought the amount that we could afford and used every inch of it. Some of our neighbors cheaped-out on their artificial turf and the result was a skimpy looking lawn that tends to look bluish. Good luck!"

On May 6,2013 ladycbmech said:

"I love your yard. We are officially only allowed to water on days that they pick up our recycling. That is every two weeks. We have been in drought conditions for the past several years. Our lawn is only green now because of the weeds. I have tried to talk my husband into something like what you have done with your yard. He is finally on board. Can you please tell me where you ordered your artificial turf? thanks"

On June 27,2012 VJPS said:

"You've done a terrific job. It looks beautiful. "

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