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Cottage garden

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My family and I live in rural North Carolina, so I thought a cottage style/mixed border garden would blend in best with our surroundings. I've been gardening since 1994, and have tried to create four seasons of interest in our garden.

Comments / Q&A

On May 28,2011 Geraldine Dean said:

"Thanks Sam(Sandy). Might I add, your garden is awe inspiring to me. You also have a gorgeous home, makes three of mine ! I'd be glad to add some pics of the house, my posts need updating anyway, things have grown quite a bit since these pics were taken. I'll see if I can get some good shots tomorrow, if the sun is out."

On May 28,2011 Sam(Sandy) said:

"Your gardens are absolutely beautiful.Looking at them inspires me to dig more beds.I also love Larks gardens(very lovely) You two are very talented gardeners.Gardening is my passion as I see it is also yours... Please post pics of your home,I can see a little of it in the photo's.It looks like a perfect country cottage....Our tastes are very much alike.... Sandy"

On May 23,2011 Geraldine Dean said:

"Sorry iheartmovies, but the comment seemed to cut out part of my list on photo 13. Below arbor, I have phlox paniculata, red beebalm, siberian iries, dahlias, and in the back ground is salvia guarantica 'blue enigma'."

On May 23,2011 Geraldine Dean said:

"Thanks Garden Fairy, I appreciate your wonderful comment. I really like your hydrangea collection, you made some great selections, and your paver patio with seat walls is to die for !"

On May 23,2011 Geraldine Dean said:

"iheartmovies, glad you liked the garden. In photo #8 I have a Spiraea 'shirobana',salvia 'fuji snow', variegated sedge, fagopyrum dibotrys variegata, heliopsis helianthoides, collarette dahlia, medallion daisy, variegated forsythia 'golden times', sophora davidii, kousa dogwood, tithonia, purple leaved caster bean plant, purple leaved oxalis, purple blooming campanula, cuphea firefly, coleus, and a pink blooming hibiscus shrub. photo #13 vines on arbor are trumpet vine, and a wild clemati"

On May 23,2011 Garden Fairy said:

"This is so beautiful, I hope someday to have a garden this beautiful. Bravo!!"

On May 19,2011 iheartmovies08 said:

"First a beautiful garden, makes me think of " the secret garden". I particularly love pictures 8 and 13, well designed, but they look perfectly wild as if you could have just happened upon it. What plants/flowers did you use for those pictures?"

On February 14,2011 Geraldine Dean said:

"Sorry Lark, I forgot to answer your question. Twice a year I use the leaf blower (late Autumn, and early Spring clean up). The rest of the year I use an old broom to sweep the mulch that gets washed into the path along with oak and popular blossoms that fall in late Spring."

On February 14,2011 Geraldine Dean said:

"Thanks a million Lark, so glad to hear you like it. If I remember correctly, your garden style is very similar to mine. It's been a while since I've been on, but I do remember looking at your garden photos, they left quite an impression on me. They are gorgeous, and left a smile on my face. Hope the cold winter weather lets up soon. Until then, I'll be following your lead, looking at all the wonderful gardens here on Yardshare...:-) "

On February 14,2011 Lark said:

"ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I love your style of gardening...your use of textures, heights and color keep the viewers eye floating through your garden. You are a very talented gardener. I also like your stone patio area, the stone adds warmth. How do you keep the leaves and debri from breaking down in your crushed stone area? Blowing? Thank you for adding Spring to my Wisconsin Winter day. Smiles, Lark"

On August 10,2010 Geraldine Dean said:

"I can't thank you enough Coastal Gardener. That's the nicest thing anyone's done for me in awhile. I really appreciate it...;-)"

On August 10,2010 Coastal Gardener said:

"I just posted a comment on the contest page in support of your garden. Frankly, I'm a little disturbed by some of the postings that are getting numerous votes -- some have only one or two photos and are not anywhere near the quality of your gardens. What in heaven's name are people thinking? "

On August 8,2010 Geraldine Dean said:

" Thanks for that wonderful comment Coastal gardener. It's funny that you say that , because I thought the exact same thing about your garden and casted my vote for you a month or so ago....:-)"

On August 8,2010 Coastal Gardener said:

"I just by accident discovered your garden while browsing the site -- and I have to say it is absolutely wonderful! Frankly, I can't figure out why you are not at the top of the "inspiring yard" contest --- I'm casting my vote for you!!"

On June 9,2010 Geraldine Dean said:

"I'm so happy to hear you liked my 'work in progress', Margaret and Sarah...;-). I would have never thought 16 years ago that my garden would wind up being this large. My problem is, every time I drive by a plant nursery I feel compelled to stop in, and I always wind up finding something I seem to think I can't live "

On June 9,2010 Sarah Baranoff said:

"What an incredible variety of shapes and colors in your garden! This is a beautiful living quilt. I wish my garden were so nice."

On June 8,2010 MARGARET SOUFFRANT said:

"wow, wow, wow"

On May 29,2010 Geraldine Dean said:

"Donna, I swear my chest just grew three times it's normal size after reading your wonderful comment ! You really do my heart good...:-) Fastforward, so glad to hear you enjoyed my garden. I can't wait to see photos of your fairy garden. Your grand children are just going to LOVE it ! It's something they will treasure for the rest of their lives...:-)"

On May 29,2010 Geraldine Dean said:

"Thanks a million Donna F. ! Sounds like you have the gardening bug too..:-) I began flower gardening as a hobby in '94, and is now on the verge of being deemed an obsession, ( according to my husband )... lol . I agree with you wholeheartedly, there's nothing more gratifyiing than sharing my plants and having my friends share their plants with me. It makes all of us feel alittle more connected to each other's garden. I bet, being you live so close, that we grow many of the same favorite pl"

On May 29,2010 Fastforward said:

"You have definitely inspired me! I'm just starting a Fairy Garden for my grandchildren. "Jamma's Fairy the beginning" is the name of My Yard. I sure hope my new garden eventually turns out as lush and beautiful as your Cottage Gardens! Your amazing variety of plants and your artistic design is spectacular."

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