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Baham Blah

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Very horizontal land. have empty flower bed in front of completely straight garage side. one huge, ugly electrical meter in front right of yard with small ditch at end.

Comments / Q&A

On May 6,2012 dianne0712 said:

"I have a garage that looked a lot like this. Well 1920's chicken coop, but we use it as a garage. Anyway, what I did was plant a serpentine bed that is sort of comma shaped with a tree in the middle of the most circular part of the bed. Under the tree I have red nancy lamium as ground cover, then 3 pink hydrangeas in a triangle going across the bed fairly close to the wall. In front are hardy geraniums, plus whatever I think of adding for annuals. We have quite a bit of shade so I use impatiens or begonias for all season colour. If you don't have as much shade, pick another type of low maintenence flowering shrub, like spirea. Basically the keys are curved bed, tree, understory shrubs in 3, lower growing perennials for front."

On April 8,2012 s.palisoc said:

"I used snowbushes to hide some of the wiring and other unsightly electrical boxes. They grow to about 8', but just enough coverage. Burberry shrubs are also nice to put in between and then you can add colorful flowers in between the tall ones. One or two potted plants, on one corner or two on one corner and one on the other. The snowbushes and burberrybush colors will compliment the brick on the house. Mulch afterwards and then a rock here and there. Try planting these with almost like an S shape but have one end come out a little more than the other. This way it gives more of a visual interest. Try it a little at a time. Hope it works out. Send pictures."

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