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Dreams do come true

Premium Aquascapes
New Milford (6)
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18' x 32' pond with mountain effect tream & waterfall. This pond is home to 30 happy & healthy Koi

Location: New Milford
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Comments / Q&A

On October 9,2008 Ron said:

"Can you explain upwell for me. My pond I think is # 5 or 6 on the right hand side of the first page. (Ron & Eydies Garden Pond) nI have no filteration at all and I could see the bottom is this good or do I need a filter. Look at my pictures we are from Louisiana and see what you think of the food. Your pond is the best I've seen yet you have the talent. Take care"

On October 7,2008 said:

"Besides a skimmer I have a wetwell set up where the water is pulled down through aquatic plants. In addition I added a 8 x 11 up flow wetlands w/25' stream this year. Pond stays clear, we added water hyacinths this year and I add liquid bacterias/enzymes. Skimmer pads do need to be cleaned each week though."

OnOctober 6,2008 said:

"It is beautiful, I have my own waterfall and 3500 gallon pond, with only 7 2' koi, and that is tough to keep clean. Don't know how you do it with so many."

On August 29,2008 said:

"Stunning pond, waterfall and stream! And even a pair of ducks, lucky you! The landscaping is gorgeous too. We just have a little tiny frog pond, but they're happy and so are we."

OnAugust 20,2008 said:

"You doing a wonderful job, I just love it."

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