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HANK's Place

Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
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Our home was built in 1976 but, the previous owners never really worked on the yard. We moved into the house in 2006 and the yard has been a fairly blank canvas for us. There were a few plantings around the yard but, we've been really digging in to create a yard that we can love. A description of the house when we moved in: FRONT: Large scraggly evergreen bushes hiding the front of the house. One tree on the parkway. At the front door, three evergreens with three other bushes in front of them and some stone on the ground. On the right side of the house, a gate leading to the backyard. BACK: A small Japanese style bed along walkway with some rose bushes and poenies to the left. There's a small patio with a small deck (red) to a 4' above ground pool. From the patio, there's a ramp down to a landing and stairs leading to another deck off the kitchen (white). Beyond these features, there was an old swingset support that had long since lost all swings and looked like a gallows in the yard. An apple tree and an almost dead peach tree make up the rest of the landscape...and a shed in the right corner of the yard. Other than that, the yard was fairly empty. Our Updates since 2006: We've removed all the evergreens from the front yard. Gotta love the feeling of getting rid of these eyesores with a strong rope tied to a truck. We cut some curved beds into the front of the house around the mailbox and planted several perennials and add some annuals for color. We've shaped the bed around the front of the house and have started building a berm and are adding stones for division. We also added many tulips and other bulbs to the left and planted a flowering magnolia. We painted the front-facing panels of the chainlink fence green to blend them into the landscape and protect them from the rust setting in. We added a berm and curved bed around the right side of the yard and planted many flowers and vines. In the back, we started a vegetable garden behind the shed and have started cutting beds all around the fence surrounding the yard. The fence is at the bottom of a small slope and makes mowing difficult. All-in-all, we have 20-something projects started around the yard and are making the home our own. More photos to come. Join us in watching the transformation. Thanks.

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