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Most Inspirational Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Inspirational Yards
    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Garden of Eden

    My Garden of Eden

    Owner: Sheila965 Location: Rincon, GA

    My goal is to attract as much of nature as I can to enjoy on a daily basis. Sitting in my swing watching the butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and toads is so relaxing to me. I also enjoy taking photos of nature as well. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: San Anselmo Mediterranean home and garden

    San Anselmo Mediterranean home and garden

    Owner: Avant Garden Inc Location: San Anselmo

    Mediterranean home and garden. Funny thing, I have landscaped/designed this garden three times. First time for a friend who renovated the house. Second time for couple who later divorced. Third time for a single woman....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: DeMuth\'s


    Owner: DeMuth Location:

    We loved Key West so much that we wanted to come home to it everyday! ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: New Front entrance and landscape design

    New Front entrance and landscape design

    Owner: Nordby Design Studio Location: West Linn

    Re model of entire exterior of home and main entry....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Apartment Cottage Garden

    Apartment Cottage Garden

    Owner: Cindy Location: Campbell, CA

    I rent and the one thing that sold me on this apartment was that it had a private patio! When I moved in it was a blank canvas. I created a cottage garden. Please come by and see more on my blog:

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Endless Possibilities, The Dragonfly

    Endless Possibilities, The Dragonfly

    Owner: Duncan\'s Landscaping Location: Stockbridge

    Watergarden from creation to a couple of years after....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Gabion Lake yard

    Gabion Lake yard

    Owner: Connie Kelemen Location: Troy/MI

    After a lot work we just almost finished. We have a beautiful backyard right on a beautiful lake. But our yard was 30 years old when we bought the place. We decided to change it dramatically. We had to find a lot of unusual solutions because of our very small budget but we found very nice and very d...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Divers Wife

    Divers Wife

    Owner: Leanne Larson Location: Clovis

    My gardens are works in progress which will never be complete, I'm happy to say!...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Lowering Yard Maintenance

    Lowering Yard Maintenance

    Owner: Donna F. Location: Greenville

    This year I replace some areas with River Rocks - they look great - are certainly low maintenance and help greatly with water control coming down the hill. Switched to pine needles instead of black mulch. Dye would run off and into the pool!...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Endless Possibilities, Coup\'r Falls

    Endless Possibilities, Coup'r Falls

    Owner: Duncan\'s Landscaping Location: McDonough

    Watergarden construction and landscaping from start to finish....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Fence Line

    Backyard Fence Line

    Owner: TheBOXERSMom Location: Denver

    We have about an acre; 3/4 is fenced for the safety of the dogs. My husband loves his grass! So I get the fence line areas all the way around - It's plenty for me to work with. I like to be able to see what's lurking around the area so I don't plant heavily. The Cowboy w/lil' fellow is about 21 inch...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Jeanie\'s Garden

    Jeanie's Garden

    Owner: Jeanie Wallace Location: Green Forest/Arkansas

    We have a walk-through garden with a covered swing beside a kidney shaped pond,with 3year old Gold fish & water plants. We have a pergola over the end of the house where we have a large bird feeding station....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My first garden

    My first garden

    Owner: PAMELA ZUCHOWSKI Location: Kane, PA

    These are pictures from my last house. I really miss my cute little cottage garden....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Garden Pond

    My Garden Pond

    Owner: Terry Nussbaum Location:

    I made 2 ponds with a bridge in between them, and a stream connecting the ponds. I have over 20 koi and lots of frogs. In the pond are lilies and other water plants. I also built a deck with a pergola, and a arbor fro my clematis.I have lights in and around the pond for night enjoyment....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Old World Elegance

    Old World Elegance

    Owner: robert s thomas Location: Vineyard Rd., Castro Valley

    My yard is divided into five different "garden rooms" with an overall Arts & Crafts style: A Mediterranean garden, a formal rose garden, a traditional English mixed border, and an Italian garden. There is also an adjacent work area. Throughout the garden are strategically placed garden ornaments ...

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