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Shade Garden Pictures & Design Ideas

Shade Garden Ideas

Killer Looks For Concrete

Concrete. Itís cold, itís grey, itís boring. Hold onto those suppositions for just a moment. Itís been calculated that concrete is the second-most-consumed substance on earth, behind only water. Or think about it this way: there is almost one ton of concrete produced for every single human on the ...



Outdoor Kitchens: Cooking Up Some Ideas

So youíve decided to take the plunge and create your own outdoor kitchen? Good for you. Letís face it, wheeling out that dusty grill every time you want to fire up some dogs and burgers is pretty lame. Permanent, built-in structures dedicated to outdoor cooking are all the rage, and itís not a fa...



Made For The Shade

One of the main reasons a lot of us do not spend more time outside is the heat. No matter how great your yard is, who wants to go hang out and get battered by the blazing hot sun? Shade is a necessity for any landscape thatís meant to be enjoyed. In fact, Iíd be willing to bet that thereís a part...



Go On, Be a Pot-Head

So you finally created that perfect little spot in the backyard, just in time for summer. Maybe it is a big flagstone patio for parties, maybe it is a brand new deck, or maybe a cozy little terrace made from tumbled pavers. Looks great. Lots of room. Nice seating. Canít wait to use it. But isní...



Lawn Gone!

A sprawling, lush carpet of thick, green grass is as much a part of the American Dream as white picket fences, cul-de-sacs, and minivans with built-in DVD players. When everything is right, lawns look awesome....



Plant Selection For Your Yard

There are two sides to this equation that need to work together for your landscape to work. One, will it grow in my yard? Two, will it look good with my overall landscaping plan?...



Creating Privacy In Your Yard

Yards are simply an outdoor extension of your home. The front yard is like your porchÖeveryone can see it and walk up to it. But only those invited in can see the inside of the houseÖjust like your back yard. So how do you create privacy in a yard where you have neighbors, streets, or public walkway...