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Zone 9 Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Zone 9 Yards
    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Outdoor Sanctuary

    Outdoor Sanctuary

    Owner: Laskins Location: Bartow

    It's pleasant to sit, dangling your feet in the koi pond and reading a good magazine. The overhead screens protect the fish and keep the bugs out. The sound of the waterfall is soothing after a hectic day of work. The best part is that the caladiums come up on their own and the garden is in full bl...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: English Country Garden in Carlsbad, CA

    English Country Garden in Carlsbad, CA

    Owner: allthatca Location: Carlsbad

    I always say I "inherited" this garden when we bought the house 2 years ago. I really don't know much about gardening but I'm learning slowly but surely. Lots of Roses, fruit trees, Shasta Daisys, Pin cushions, Marguerite Daisies, Bearded Iris, Dahlias...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: mom Charlotte M

    mom Charlotte M

    Owner: Mom Location:

    I have been gardening for 25 years and always wanted to share some of my ideas in the hope that it would inspire others. Recently I found " Yard Ideas" and being new to the Internet I have been somwhat excited about this sight! I want to share my piece of earth and hope that it will excite you to a...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: TikiMan\'s Paradise

    TikiMan's Paradise

    Owner: tikiman Location: Laguna Niguel

    This is my Bali inspired yard in Southern California. I collect many different things from tropical regions all over Asia, the South Pacific, and Africa. The swimming pool is a custom designed salt-water pool inspired by volcanic regions in Hawaii and Asia. Everything was designed by myself, and I d...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: front yard

    front yard

    Owner: rmoceirno Location:

    front yard is small yet big enough to make a statement. we want to go to drought tolerant zero scape and need help....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Deb\'S Garden

    Deb'S Garden

    Owner: Greg Rogowski Location: Livermore, CA

    Used old doors for decorative windows, old planters for raised beds, growing artichokes, garlic, many types of lettuce, brussel sprouts, potatoes, peas, passion fruit and berries. Also used an old stain glass door for the entrance. At least 8 birdfeeders and birdbaths. It is a 365 day garden ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Bella\'s Garden

    Bella's Garden

    Owner: Walta Location: Orlando

    English style garden with a Mediterranean influence...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Oasis in the Desert

    Oasis in the Desert

    Owner: Bill & Jeri Barry Location: Palm Springs

    We changed a "builder provided" front yard into an oasis in the desert. Drought tolerant plants, gravel, rock and a bit of artificial turf makes it eco-friendly with a low water requirement....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Heartland Treasures

    Heartland Treasures

    Owner: Heartland Treasures Location: Exeter

    Craftsman Home being used as an Antiques and Collectibles shop and residence. When I bought this home I wanted to create a English garden appearance for the Antique shop. I wanted lots of flowers and a sortof wild unkempt look with not a lot of care needed other than watering. I haven't got the pics...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: creativenut


    Owner: honeybee Location: prather

    alot of work! Native plants, shrubs, oak trees. Rooms created, Alot of props, art work. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Courtyard Pool and Backyard Oasis

    Courtyard Pool and Backyard Oasis

    Owner: Cheryl Meyne Location: Jacksonville Beach

    New addition to our home included a courtyard pool with garden. We also have recently completed our Backyard garden to create a private Oasis our family enjoys....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Sunny Sarasota

    Sunny Sarasota

    Owner: Jan Wilhelm Location: Sarasota

    Like the tropical look. Try to attract butterflies and birds....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard... our desert oasis

    Backyard... our desert oasis

    Owner: Michael & Joyce Anderson Location: Desert Hills

    This yard has been a work in progress since 2001. As you can see it was void of anything when we started. We had the concrete walls and the pool done but other than that we have done all the work. We still have a ways to go. We will be adding some lighting and additional plants for some more color. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Country Cottage Garden

    Country Cottage Garden

    Owner: Susie Tross Location: Central Florida

    This is a 'first season' garden, started from scratch on a budget! I love incorporating vintage and 'found' objects among the flowers and beds....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Butterfly Garden

    Butterfly Garden

    Owner: Susie Tross Location:

    Porter Weed, Pink Pentas, Buddelia, Melanpodium, Zinnias and of course a place for water!...