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Most Viewed Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Viewed Yards
    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Upscale Outdoor Kitchen

    Upscale Outdoor Kitchen

    Owner: JSL Landscape Location: Sedona

    No upscale outdoor entertaining area should be without a built in bbq island also referred to as an outdoor kitchen as long as there is more than just a grill. This outdoor kitchen is situated adjacent to an expansive seating area under a ramada with city light views. The grill has a granite s...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: river paradise

    river paradise

    Owner: darlene peets Location: happy camp california

    Klamath riverfront home, with hot tub, gardens,and your own private swimming/fishing area. Gold panning in your backyard!...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Crow\'s Nest Way- Back Yard

    Crow's Nest Way- Back Yard

    Owner: Al\'s Maintenance Services Location: Stouffville

    This house was in a new development that we did the landscaping for a co-worker of my girlfriend. The deck was done by Hickory Dickory Decks and the fence was done by one of their employees. In the yard we installed a drain from teh eavestroughs so the water wouldn't cause ice in the spring and to p...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: MHP Magic

    MHP Magic

    Owner: Freda Gallop Location:

    A little slice of paradise pie....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Behind the back fence

    Behind the back fence

    Owner: Suzanne Phillips Location: Pendleton

    When we bought our house, this is the area on the other side of the back fence that the former owners used as a trash dump. It was infested with invasive non-native plants. This is a before and after....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Endless Possibities,The Ugly Duckling

    Endless Possibities,The Ugly Duckling

    Owner: Duncan\'s Landscaping Location: Jonesboro

    We renovated this yard in one day for the TV Show "Bushwacked."...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: my yard

    my yard

    Owner: Curtis Location: Smithton

    my yard...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Country Flowers

    Country Flowers

    Owner: Wendy and Marty Striegel Location: Danvers, IL

    We have created several flower beds throughout our yard. This is just some close ups of them. My husband is always thinking of ways to tend to the flowers with thinking green. We have barrels all around the yard. We collect rain water, and for our pond we have our rain gutters descending down to...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: SWIMMING POOL IN 3D


    Owner: 3D DESIGNS BY DAVID Location: Mariposa

    This client lives in the foothills in CA and the back yard is all bare dirt with a few trees and they wanted a family fun pool and with with our ideas and there's, we brought it to life in 3D....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: A hidden vineyard escape...

    A hidden vineyard escape...

    Owner: Wenikikini Location: Amarillo

    When we finally got the side of the house all set up, garden growing and everything. I decided to plant some grapes. I thought it would take up the extra space on the side. Every year I thought they died so I bought another 2 plants and planted them.. then the 3rd year.. all 6 of them came up like m...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas:  SPRING PERENNIALS SPRING PERENNIALS

    Owner: Lark Location: Dousman, Wisconsin

    In Wisconsin, zone 4/5, we have a slow start but now we will start to pick up speed on our bloomers. The snow is finally melting. Come join in on my garden forum

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas:  September Morning September Morning

    Owner: Lark Location:

    In my Wisconsin zone 4/5 garden morning is my favorite time of day. September brings a chill in the air, the colors are intense and you know that Autumn is here. After the Black-eyed Susans it was a challenge to get color throughout September. It took me years to get it the way I wanted it, mostly ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: ARNOLD DESIGN


    Owner: 3D DESIGNS BY DAVID Location: Lemoore

    This client has a yard without boundaries and wanted to bring some sort of a figure to her backyard and wanted to update it as well as her outdoor kitchen area. With our 3D virtual designs she was able to see it before it was built giving her a glimpse into her dream yard....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Entry

    Front Entry

    Owner: TheBOXERSMom Location: Denver

    Walking up to the front entry, I wanted lots of color and texture throughout the summer. I started with the monkey grass, using 2 different Coleus' and Silvermound. I was pleased with it. The summer before this I discovered coleus didn't have to be in a pot! ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pickles Peaceful Place

    Pickles Peaceful Place

    Owner: ampicklz Location: Vale

    Our yard started out with nothing planted in it 10 years ago. Planting and growing things has become our hobby and we get so much pleasure from it and satisfaction as it becomes more beautiful each year. Nothin professional about it, just country gardeners planting plants we enjoy and sharing them w...

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