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Most Inspirational Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Inspirational Yards
    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Garden of Eat\'n

    The Garden of Eat'n

    Owner: divaqs Location: Renton

    In 2003 I bought my house with ½ acre of land and quickly launched an ongoing project of re-landscaping my yard with all edibles. My neighbors were alarmed when I dug up my front yard and began making dramatic changes. One neighbor came over to ask me what I was doing and after hearing that I was r...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Path to My Garden is Never Long

    The Path to My Garden is Never Long

    Owner: Nancy Norton Location: Juneau

    We moved here in 2003 to a backyard of overgrown wild foliage and cottonwood trees. On my hands and knees I was relentless at pulling weeds. When I started designing gardens, I had to take into consideration that we have two big dogs. I also wanted pathways to wonder through the gardens as well as...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Side Yard (New Retaining Wall)

    Side Yard (New Retaining Wall)

    Owner: kirkholman Location: Arnold

    Removed old railroad ties, installed Stonemakers concrete wall....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: A place to relax and reflect.

    A place to relax and reflect.

    Owner: Grace Location: Pickering

    This front yard is our private little abode and our labour of love. When we purchased this new home, there was nothing but grass. So we decided to take on the task of building this garden. Year after year it kept growing and growing. Now it’s about five years old and is mostly filled with perennia...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: friendship yard

    friendship yard

    Owner: tippytowz Location: sunnyvale

    it has a semi small area fill with ugly rocks rite now, and then there is a side yard that is full of weeds currently...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Front Porch Entry

    Front Porch Entry

    Owner: shuffles Location: Gastonia

    Very inviting entry to our home. Hibiscus, petunias, geraniums, and knockout roses surround the steps into our porch. ...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: A hidden vineyard escape...

    A hidden vineyard escape...

    Owner: Wenikikini Location: Amarillo

    When we finally got the side of the house all set up, garden growing and everything. I decided to plant some grapes. I thought it would take up the extra space on the side. Every year I thought they died so I bought another 2 plants and planted them.. then the 3rd year.. all 6 of them came up like m...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: The Family Yard

    The Family Yard

    Owner: Fred Location: Westminster, CO

    When I bought this house my plan was to not plant anything in the ground. Now five years later I am happy to say I have a colorful yard which I like to photograph. None of the plants are particularly special, but I am enamored by the dragonflies that visit....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Yorkshire Road

    Yorkshire Road

    Owner: jefferylkemp Location:

    Our first Halloween, trick or treating by candlelight....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Freedom Within

    Freedom Within

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Salt Springs

    700 sq.ft. 2 level deck with stone bar dividing both levels. Built of natural & cultured stone. The eagle representing freedom in the United States...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Matt & Stacy's Backyard

    Matt & Stacy's Backyard

    Owner: squasebarth Location: Indiana

    A work in progress. We moved in a year ago and are working hard on creating our yard into the oasis of our is happening - slowly. Very slowly....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: April/May Garden 2012

    April/May Garden 2012

    Owner: Coastal Gardener Location: Plymouth

    The garden is just starting to come to life . . . and although it doesn't wear its finest garb until late June and early July, it's just enough though to get me excited about the gardening season....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas:  Early Spring Gardens 2008 Early Spring Gardens 2008

    Owner: Lark Location: I have been gardening here at my current home for 13 years. There are only a few plants that I can say are 13 years old. All others have been moved, divided or thrown out. I am a VERY passionate gardener and somewhat of an artsy lady. I view my gardens as a canvas. A paint...

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Return of the drive-in

    Return of the drive-in

    Owner: Bonefisher Location:

    Stamped concrete patio, lcd hi-def tv with full dolby digital surround home theater sound w/Ipod ,mosquito netting, light and fan, hardwood ceiling....

    Yard Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Art of Stone

    Art of Stone

    Owner: The Art of Stone Location: Florida

    I'm not a good tile setter by any means but here's some photos you might be interested in for a walkway or patio to your flower garden I've done this out of flagstone as well...

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