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Australia Pictures & Design Ideas

Australia Ideas
Zen Yin Yang Deck

Zen Landscaping Tips from the Eye of the Storm

The Tao that can be spoken may not be the Tao, but the Zen that can be seen is definitely “on trend”. YardShare members Tracy and Wendy Evans show us how it’s done with their lovely landscape in Hurricane, Utah....


Yard Art in the Snow

Revel in These Charming Snowscapes

Landscapes are usually most stunning during those times of the year when you can actually see the ground. But there is an eerie beauty to a yard covered in freshly fallen snow as well. ...


Sioux City

YardShare to the Rescue in Sioux City

YardShare member Masman35 in Sioux City is looking for some ideas to boost the appeal of a very plain yard. This homeowner doesn’t like the rocks or the existing bushes......


Video - Vegetable Garden Pt2

Video: Choosing A Site For A Vegetable Garden

Ed Bruske, Master Gardener and president of D.C. Urban Gardeners, offers tips on the best locations for your vegetable garden....


Video - Vegetable Garden Pt1

Video: How To Grow A Vegetable Garden - Part 1

Ed Bruske, Master Gardener and president of D.C. Urban Gardeners, teaches you how to create your own vegetable garden in your yard....


CMT's Lawn Wars Reality TV Contest

Make Your Yard A Reality TV Star!

Ever watched one of those reality landscaping shows and thought, "My yard is waaaay better than their yard."? Here is your chance to prove it! Country Music Television is looking for homeowners with fantastic, fun, creative yards in America for the new series Lawn Wars....


Video - July Tropical Flowers

Video: July Gardening Tips - Selecting Flowering Tropicals

Mitch Baker from American Plant teaches you how to grow flowering tropicals to add a little "island life" to your yard....


Video - July Trimming

Video: July Gardening Tips - Pruning in Summer

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some great tips on pruning your trees and shrubs this summer. ...


Video - July Houseplants

Video: July Gardening Tips - Caring for Houseplants While on Vacation

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some great tips & ideas on caring for your houseplants while you're on your family vacation this summer....


Video - July Mosquitos

Video: July Gardening Tips - Mosquito Control in the Garden

Mitch Baker from American Plant shares some ideas on controlling mosquitos in your yard and garden during the summer months....


Video - July Watering

Video: July Gardening Tips - Watering in Summer

Mitch Baker of American Plant Garden Center offers tips and ideas for watering your garden, lawn and trees in the hot summer months....


The Perfect Lawn

How To Water Your Lawn For The Best Results

Much stress is placed on our water systems during warm summer months. Many homeowners who water their lawns use as much as 80 percent more water during the summer than they do in cooler seasons. But the average homeowner often waters his lawn too frequently, too lightly and at the wrong time of day,...



Go Tropical with Hardy Hibiscus

Aloha! You don’t have to live in Hawaii, California or South Florida to enjoy the beauty and tropical appeal of hibiscus, with its eye-popping, saucer-like blooms. There are varieties that do well as far north as Wisconsin....


Herb Garden

The Magnificent Seven: Stars of the Herb Garden

Of all of the herbs readily available, it’s sometimes confusing to try to make a decision about which ones to include in your garden. Why spend your dollars and hours of your time in growing herbs that you may never use? Often, too much of a good thing is a bad thing....


Video - May Annuals

Video: May Gardening Tips - Annuals

Mitch Baker of American Plant Garden Center offers tips and ideas for planting your annuals ahead of summer....


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