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What is YardShare?

YardShare is a community of homeowners who love their yard & gardens. YardShare is built upon the idea that there should be one central destination on the web where a yard lover can view & share pictures, ask and answer questions, and generate ideas for their own yards. YardShare was created in 2008 by Bryan Powell, a homeowner and yard lover in the San Francisco East Bay, after finding the process of scouring the internet for ideas and pictures for his own yard project extraordinarily frustrating. YardShare began simply as a website where members could upload and categorize pictures of their yard, to a community based website where the YardShare members drive discussions and the future development of YardShare. 

As a YardShare member, what can I do?

YardShare members can create their own virtual yard, either with pictures of an entire yard, pictures of a feature (garden, patio, front yard, backyard, etc), or step by step pictures of a yard project. Your yard consists of a title, description, and your pictures with captions. Members may comment and leave notes/questions for other members, as well as participate in the Yard Forum. Oh…and what do you think about your yard winning you cash and great prizes? Check-out the members only Yard Contests area!

I'm a landscape professional. How can I participate on YardShare?

Landscape businesses are invited to join YardShare as a "Yard Expert". Becoming a Yard Expert allows you to showcase your hard work to potential clients, which enables your business to stand out from the crowd. Yard Experts may create unlimited yards, each one representing the various projects in your portfolio. We encourage Yard Experts to actively participate in the discussions on YardShare to share your knowledge and experiences. Check-out Duncan's Landscaping from Jonesboro, GA for a great example of how a Yard Expert uses YardShare. They've also managed to capture Big Foot on camera at one of their jobs.  Incredible! 


Click here for more information on becoming a Yard Expert.

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