About YardShare

YardShare's Mission Statement

To create and foster a social network of homeowners and landscape professionals who share their yards with those searching for inspiration for their own yard projects. These yards and pictures should be categorized and easily searchable so that visitors looking for landscaping ideas, garden ideas, or DIY help in their front yard or backyard can quickly find the exact inspiration they are seeking.

To further highlight the yards shared by the community, YardShare will publish Yard Ideas articles on landscaping, gardening and landscape design topics using member's yards and pictures as examples.

After a homeowner receives inspiration on YardShare for their own yard, we hope that the homeowner will "pay it forward" and share their landscaping or garden project on YardShare so that they may provide inspiration to another homeowner looking for landscaping and garden ideas. Through this evolution of the sharing process, YardShare will continue to grow and evolve as a social network dedicated to those passionate about their outdoor spaces.

We invite you to help us Knock Down Fences by joining YardShare and spreading the word about our Mission.

- The YardShare Team